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Assessing the Cost of Future Medical Care and Other Ongoing Damages

Past and present damages caused by an accident often make up a significant portion of the damages pursued in an injury claim. However, when the injuries may have future consequences for the victim, it is important to determine how much his or her ongoing… Read More

Challenges of Validating a Car Accident Claim for a Permanent Injury

While diagnosing someone with a permanent injury may be relatively simple, determining the value of a claim for compensation for a permanent injury could be complicated. Recovering compensation could also be difficult because these cases tend to cost… Read More

What Evidence May Be Used to Prove Lost Income for an Injury Claim?

You may be able to recover compensation for lost income if you were injured in an accident that left you unable to work, so long as you can prove it. Our Fort Worth personal injury lawyers are prepared to review your claim for lost wages and other damages… Read More

Why Would the Insurance Company Not Want to Settle a Claim?

Injury claims are more often resolved through a settlement agreement with the liable insurance company rather than going through the added time and expense of a jury trial. Unfortunately for some injury victims, the insurance company may be refusing to… Read More

Who May Be Liable for an Accident Due to Low Visibility?

When a car crash occurs due to poor visibility, an at-fault driver may be quick to try and deflect the blame for his or her negligent driving. He or she may claim the weather or some other condition obstructed visibility. Unfortunately, the deflection… Read More

Will My Claim Be Affected if I Refuse Some Medical Treatment?

There are several ways your injury claim may be affected if you refuse some medical treatment, as the insurance company will be looking for any way to deny or devalue your claim. Fortunately, our Fort Worth car crash attorneys are prepared to help you… Read More

Construction Zone Accident Liability: What You Need to Know

Car accident cases involving construction zone crashes may be complex as liability may fall on multiple parties. It can also be difficult to determine the cause of the crash because the normal flow of traffic has been disrupted.   Fortunately, our auto… Read More

Evidence Used to Prove a Drugged Driver Caused Your Accident

As the U.S. has seen a sharp increase in the number of people overdosing on drugs in the last several years, it raises an important question about how accidents caused by drugged drivers are being handled, especially by the insurance companies that represent… Read More

What Should I Expect During a Deposition?

There are several things that need to occur after a lawsuit has been filed, but before a case is presented to a jury. For example, there is the discovery process, which involves depositions. It is important to be prepared before going into a deposition.… Read More

Who Pays for the Costs of Renting a Vehicle After an Accident?

If your vehicle was seriously damaged or declared a total loss after an accident, you may be wondering whether you can file a claim to help cover the costs of renting a vehicle. Our car crash attorneys in Fort Worth are prepared to help you file a claim… Read More