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Who Pays for the Costs of Renting a Vehicle After an Accident?

If your vehicle was seriously damaged or declared a total loss after an accident, you may be wondering whether you can file a claim to help cover the costs of renting a vehicle. Our car crash attorneys in Fort Worth are prepared to help you file a claim… Read More

Should I Accept the First Settlement Offer from the Insurance Company?

Insurance companies often try to quickly contact injury victims after a crash and offer a settlement to close a claim as soon as possible. While victims are tempted to accept these offers, they are often worth far less than the full value of the claim.… Read More

How the New Texas Laws on Trucking Company Liability May Affect Your Case

On September 1, 2021, several new laws took effect in Texas. One of those laws changed the way injury claims involving commercial vehicle companies will be handled. Our truck accident lawyers in Fort Worth understand how this change may concern some… Read More

Proving Emotional Distress in a Texas Car Crash Injury Claim

Sometimes injury victims’ physical ailments manifest into psychological injuries. Sometimes the accident causes serious emotional distress, leading to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Proving that you suffered a psychological injury may be more complicated… Read More

What Should I Do If an Independent Adjuster Calls After a Truck Crash?

Some insurance companies send out independent adjusters to talk with commercial truck crash victims. These adjusters claim they are there to check on the victim and investigate the accident and will handle the situation in a way that is fair to the victim. Even… Read More

Can I Still File a Claim if my Tag is Expired?

Under Texas’ at-fault car accident laws, car accident victims have the right to file a claim against the at-fault party’s liability insurance in pursuit of compensation for damages, so long as you, as the victim, also meet the state’s minimum motor vehicle… Read More

What is Vicarious Liability in Personal Injury Cases?

Vicarious liability is when a person is financially liable for the negligent actions of another person. In a personal injury case, one entity may be held vicariously liable for someone else’s negligence even if he or she was not present at the time the… Read More

Can I Recover Compensation for My Injured or Deceased Pet After an Accident?

Under Texas law, pets are considered personal property. This means that if your pet is injured or killed in a crash, you have the legal right to pursue compensation for their damages. However, the insurance company may try and deny or devalue your claim… Read More

How Causation May Be Proven in Your Personal Injury Case

There are four things that must be proven when pursuing compensation for injuries caused by someone else’s negligence, including duty of care, breach of duty of care, causation and the existence of damages. Causation is one of the most difficult things… Read More

Do I Have to Submit to an Independent Medical Exam in Texas?

If you are involved in an accident and suffer an injury, you have the legal right to pursue compensation for your damages from the liable party, which is usually the company that insures the at-fault driver or the premises where your accident occurred.… Read More