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What You Should Tell a Doctor About Your Injuries After a Car Crash

There are many types of injuries accident victims may suffer during a car crash. Unfortunately, not all of them are visible. Seeking medical care immediately is a vital part of protecting your health. However, how you describe your symptoms is also a… Read More

Filing a Claim for Facial Injuries After a Crash

Facial injuries may be less talked about, but they happen more often than you may think. Injuries to the face can be mild or extremely severe, requiring extensive medical treatment and a lengthy recovery. For some crash victims, a facial injury could… Read More

What is the Benefit of a Free Case Review With an Injury Lawyer?

Following a car crash or any other accident where you suffer significant injuries, the last thing you may be thinking about is filing a legal case. However, seeking legal help before the medical bills and other costs start piling up is a good idea. Fortunately,… Read More

How Blind Spots Can Lead to a Serious Car Crash

Most drivers know that blind spots exist. What everyone may not know, however, is where these blind spots are on their vehicle and on larger, commercial vehicles, such as a semi-truck. Drivers who are not aware of where blind spots are on a vehicle may… Read More

How is Fault Determined for a Four-Way Stop Crash?

Four-way stops create a major dilemma for many people, especially drivers with less experience behind the wheel. Those who ignore or are unsure about their state’s right-of-way laws may confuse other drivers in the intersection, which could lead to a… Read More

Can I File a Claim for Chronic Pain After a Car Crash?

Chronic pain is a debilitating medical condition that some crash victims may experience for a long time, or permanently, after a car crash. While treatments address the underlying causes and help with pain management, this condition can completely alter… Read More

Why You May Need to Keep a Daily Journal About Your Injuries

Validating any car crash claim is challenging, particularly when victims seek compensation for long-term damages and pain and suffering. There are concrete ways to prove the value of economic damages, such as medical costs or lost wages. The value of… Read More

Protecting Kids From Cars While Trick-or-Treating

Halloween is a fun night of dressing up the kids and taking them out trick-or-treating. However, it is important to recognize that a lot of other things are happening that night as well. Drunk drivers coming home from parties, people playing pranks, and… Read More

Challenges of Linking a Head Injury to a Car Crash

Head injuries are common after a car crash. Accident victims who suffered a head injury due to another driver’s negligence should be able to recover compensation for their damages. This includes medical expenses for things like MRIs and CT scans. Unfortunately,… Read More

Is it Okay to Discuss My Car Crash Claim Publicly?

Discussing the details of your claim publicly may help bring awareness to your situation. Some people do this to try and prevent others from suffering the same injuries. However, it may not always be a good idea to discuss your claim publicly, such as… Read More