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Can a Driver Who Was Eating While Driving Be Liable for a Crash?

Drivers should operate their vehicles safely to avoid an accident. This includes avoiding distracted driving. Most people only think about cell phones as a form of distraction. But there are other behaviors that take a driver’s attention away from the… Read More

Can I File a Claim for Dental Injuries After a Car Crash?

Dental injuries are probably not the first kind of injury people think about when it comes to car crash injuries. However rare they are, though, dental injuries do occur in car accidents more often than people may think. Accident victims with these types… Read More

Who May Be Liable for a Crash Involving Farming Equipment or Vehicles?

While rare, accidents involving agricultural vehicles like tractors or other farming equipment can occur, especially in more rural areas, like some parts of Texas. These accidents can often result in devastating injuries or even death.   If you were… Read More

What Are My Options if the At-Fault Driver Claims Brake Failure?

When a driver causes a crash, he or she may try to avoid liability by making claims that would defer fault to another party. For example, claiming his or her brakes failed before the collision. Unfortunately, this could negatively impact when and if you… Read More

Can I Pursue Compensation for Internal Injuries After a Crash?

One common cause of car accidents is internal injuries. These can be some of the most dangerous types of injuries accident victims may experience, especially if you do not seek out immediate medical attention. If you suffered internal injuries after… Read More

Why the Credibility of the Injury Victim Matters in an Accident Case

The credibility of an injury victim is one of the most important aspects of a personal injury case. This is because the victim’s credibility may significantly affect the outcome of the case and how much compensation is recovered. There are steps you… Read More

Can I Recover Compensation After a Rollover Car Accident?

Rollover accidents can result in serious injuries or death. A thorough investigation typically follows these crashes to help determine the cause of the rollover and who may be liable for damages. If you were injured or lost a loved one in a rollover… Read More

What You Should Know About Hospital Liens and How They Can Affect Your Case

Hospitals and other medical providers often place liens on personal injury settlements because victims cannot pay up front. Without help from an attorney who may be able to negotiate a reduction in a lien, you could end up losing a large chunk of the… Read More

Should I Get a Second Medical Opinion on My Car Crash Injuries?

One of the most important steps an injury victim can take after an accident is to seek out medical attention. A proper medical evaluation can reveal the extent of your injuries so they can be stabilized, and treatment can begin. If you disagree with… Read More

Can Uninsured Texas Drivers Still Pursue Compensation After a Crash?

Motor vehicle insurance is required by law in Texas. Drivers must carry a minimum of $30,000 for bodily injury liability and at least $25,000 for property damage liability. Drivers who fail to meet these minimum standards could face financial penalties. But… Read More