What To Know About Blunt Force Trauma From a Fort Worth Car Crash

young african american woman holding her head after a crashBlunt force trauma can occur in any type of car crash, but especially in higher impact collisions or in crashes that violently toss vehicle occupants around.

Below, our legal team discusses what blunt force trauma is, how this type of injury may occur in a collision, and why you should seek legal help.

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What Is Blunt Force Trauma in a Crash?

Blunt force trauma in a car crash refers to physical injuries resulting from impact with a part of the vehicle or another object, without any penetration of the skin. It occurs when the body is struck by or strikes an object with considerable force, which can happen during collisions, rollovers or abrupt stops.

What Types of Injuries Are Common With Blunt Force Trauma?

Any part of the body could suffer blunt force trauma. Blunt force trauma can vary in severity, from minor bruises and contusions to life-threatening conditions requiring immediate medical attention. In personal injury law, detailing the specifics of such injuries is crucial for assessing claims and determining the extent of damages in car accident cases.

In a car crash, the most common types of injuries caused by blunt force trauma may include:

  • Head injuries: Concussions, contusions and traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) often occur when victims hit the steering wheel, dashboard or windows.
  • Chest injuries: Injuries to the chest could involve broken ribs. Chest pain could also indicate blunt force trauma to the internal organs. These injuries could be caused by the impact of the seatbelt or by striking the chest area against something in the vehicle.
  • Abdominal injuries: Blunt force trauma to the abdominal area could also result from seat belt compression. An abdominal injury due to blunt force trauma could result in internal organ damage. In some cases, this could become life-threatening without treatment.
  • Fractures and other arm or leg injuries: Injuries to arms and legs can occur if they hit parts of the car’s interior or if the force of the crash causes unnatural bending, twisting or compression.

What Symptoms Might Indicate Injury Caused by Blunt Force Trauma?

Blunt force trauma injuries may have delayed symptoms, even if the injury is severe or life-threatening. This fact is just one reason why crash victims should not wait to get checked out in an emergency room immediately after a crash. Until you have been examined by a doctor and undergone diagnostic testing, there is no way to know for sure whether you sustained any internal injuries.

Common symptoms of a blunt force trauma injury may include:

  • Pain
  • Bruising in the area
  • Swelling at the site
  • Nausea and/or vomiting
  • Severe head pain
  • Difficulty breathing, shortness of breath
  • Change in vital signs

Depending on the area that was injured, there could be additional symptoms.

Abdominal Injuries Caused by Blunt Force Trauma

If you got hit in the abdominal area, you might initially only see bruising. You might even feel some pain, although the adrenaline right after a crash often masks pain in the first minutes to hours after a crash. Even if you do not feel pain, it is crucial to recognize that you could still have internal organ damage or internal bleeding. Stomach pain, low blood pressure and feeling faint are common initial symptoms of this type of injury.

Blunt Force Trauma to the Head

A blunt force trauma to the head is extremely common in car crashes. This is because the impact of a crash causes the body of the occupant to violently lurch forward. During this violent motion, the victim may strike their head hard on the steering wheel, dashboard or some other part of the vehicle.

Head injuries, such as a TBI, caused by blunt force trauma may cause bleeding or swelling in the brain. Victims with this injury may experience a severe headache, dizziness and vomiting. While victims may also sometimes feel confused, they do not always lose consciousness.

Because a blunt force trauma injury may have delayed symptoms, victims with these injuries could face serious, life-threatening complications without immediately treatment.

Can You Recover Compensation for Blunt Force Trauma After a Car Crash?

If another party caused the crash that resulted in your injuries, you may be eligible to seek compensation for your damages. After sustaining a blunt force trauma injury, your damages could include:

  • Emergency transportation to the hospital after the crash
  • Diagnostic testing to rule out severe, life-threatening injuries
  • Surgery or other emergency care you may need to treat your injuries
  • Hospital stays to recover from your injuries and any secondary complications that may result
  • Ongoing follow-up appointments for ongoing treatments or assessments from your doctors
  • Physical therapy or rehabilitation therapy that you may need
  • Mobility assistive devices if you suffered a fracture
  • Lost wages for any time missed from work while recovering from your injuries
  • Pain and suffering damages resulting from the crash
  • And more

Contact an Attorney for Legal Help After Blunt Force Trauma From a Crash

Seeking medical help and protecting your health is your priority after any crash. Once your injuries are stabilized, we strongly recommend seeking legal help.

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