Pursuing Compensation in Texas for a Burn Injury After a Crash

burned carBurn injuries in a crash are common and can be anywhere between mild or severe. The costs of medical care to treat these injuries may be high, especially if you require transportation to the hospital from the scene of the crash.

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What Can Cause a Burn Injury in a Car Accident?

Not every accident results in a burn injury, but it does happen more often than most people think. Whether the injury is minor or severe, burns can be caused by a number of occurrences in a crash including:

  • Airbag deployment
  • Contact with a hot surface
  • Contact with a hazardous chemical
  • Contact with a live wire or other item emitting electrical currents

Some accidents may result in a vehicle fire, which could cause severe burn injuries, as well as smoke inhalation. Smoke inhalation, even if there are no burns, can cause serious health problems, such as airway burns and carbon monoxide poisoning.

How Will a Burn Injury Affect the Value of a Damages Claim in Texas?

Burn injuries can have a severe impact on an injury victim’s health and life depending on the severity of the burn.

There are different types of burns a person may experience in an accident, and each one may require a different level of treatment. Severe burn injuries require more extensive treatment than a minor or even moderate burn.

For example, a first-degree burn may be painful, but it is likely to heal on its own after several days. However, a second-, third- or fourth degree burn requires more intense medical treatment. These types of burns may even require surgery, cause nerve damage or have other serious repercussions for a person’s health in the future. The recovery process for more serious burns might also require additional medical treatments and follow-up visits.

Remember that the more damages you suffer because of the accident, the more your case may be worth. Therefore, a burn injury may significantly increase the value of your claim because your medical bills are likely to cost a lot more than a simple sprain.

Who May Be Liable for my Burn Injuries in a Crash?

In general, the party liable for your burn injury damages is the driver who caused the crash that left you injured. Since Texas is an at-fault state, you would file a claim against that driver’s liability insurance to pursue the compensation you need.

In rare cases, there may be other parties, unrelated to the crash, who are liable for your damages.

For example, there have been several reported cases of electric vehicles catching fire. Although additional data is still needed, if faulty equipment led to the fire or exposed hot wire that burned you, the manufacturer could be liable for those damages.

It is important to note that you must prove the liable party acted negligently to cause your injuries. Proving driver negligence is often complicated, especially without an attorney on your side. However, proving manufacturer negligence could be even more complex.

What if the Insurance Company Tries to Deny Liability?

No matter who the at-fault party is, the insurance company is likely going to try and deny their insured is liable.

Even if a driver’s negligence caused your burn injuries; the insurance company is likely going to work hard to try to shift the blame from their policyholder. They may try to either pin the blame for the crash on you or try to blame your injuries on something else – like the manufacturer.

Fortunately, our attorneys are prepared to help you gather the evidence you need to prove the driver’s negligence directly resulted in your injuries.

If deferring blame for the crash fails, the insurance company may then try to undermine the severity of your injuries.

Our attorneys are ready to help gather your medical records and have your treating doctor(s) testify on your behalf. However, keeping a journal to track your progress and pain level during your recovery period may also be useful. If this documentation is consistent, it could help provide some record of your physical pain post-accident.

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