Comments After a Crash May Affect Your Claim for Compensation

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Why Does What I Say After a Crash Matter?

What you say after a crash matters because the insurance company is going to try and use any and every excuse available to them to deny or devalue your claim. No matter how insignificant you think a comment may be, the insurance company is likely going to try and use it against you.

Therefore, watching what you say to the insurance company, the police and those involved in the crash is important to protect the value of your claim.

What Should I Say After a Crash?

As there may be multiple people you speak to at the scene of the crash and later during the claims process, there are several ways of handling these conversations. Generally speaking, the less you say the better it may be for you. This reduces your chances of saying something that minimizes your injuries or sounds like an admission of fault.

To the Other Driver

When speaking to the other driver, or drivers, involved in an accident, it is important to get contact, insurance and driver license information. Be sure to also get any available information from passengers in the other vehicle(s).

You should also ask whether anyone is injured, as sometimes a person may be in shock from the collision and may not be coherent enough to speak up about potential injuries and ask for medical assistance.

To the Police

The police should always be called to the scene of an accident as a report is going to be a useful asset during your claim. However, it is important to stick to the facts when the police arrive at the scene. Explain your version of events to the responding officer or deputy and answer any questions honestly. Be sure to ask for information on how to retrieve a copy of the police report or whether you can take a copy with you from the scene.

To the Insurance Company

When speaking to the insurance company about what happened, be sure to also stick to the facts. Answer questions honestly but do not elaborate on things that do not need further explanation.

Be sure to tell the insurance company you have retained an attorney if you have done so. This should help establish a boundary as to the questions you are asked.

To Your Attorney

Communication with your attorney is privileged and cannot be accessed by anyone else. This means you should be upfront about everything that happened, how you feel after the crash and whether you have anything in your driving record or medical history that may be used against you.

It is important to be open and honest with your attorney about everything because he or she needs to know what can be used against you to hurt your claim. That way, he or she can be prepared for it if and when the insurance company brings it up.

What Should I Avoid Saying After a Crash?

There are several things you should try and avoid saying after a crash, including “I’m fine” or “I was not paying attention.”

When you say things like this you are either admitting you do not require medical assistance or that you were at least partially at fault for the crash. It is crucial that you do not admit any fault for an accident and that you always get medical attention even if feel OK. You never know whether serious injuries are just taking time to appear.

You should also avoid posting about the crash to social media, as the insurance company is likely going to try and use anything you post against you.

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