Compensation Claims For Gas Leaks and Explosion Injuries in Texas

fire at oil refinery during daytimeGas leaks and explosions are extremely powerful occurrences that can cause serious destruction in a matter of seconds. Frequently, these accidents take place when drill rig companies or employees do not follow adequate safety procedures to prevent an explosion from a gas leak.

If a gas or oil leak starts it can easily lead to an explosion. The impact of a gas leak can affect the environment for years to come even if an explosion doesn’t result from the leak. If a slow gas leak is present near your home, your family may be breathing in that material or consuming it in your drinking water.

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Gas Leaks and Explosions can Cause Injuries and Deaths in an Instant

Anderson & Cummings is ready to go to work for families struggling with the consequences that arise out of a gas leak or explosion. These accidents can cause loss of life and permanent or debilitating injuries, which is one of the reasons we are so adamant about providing you and your family the best representation possible.

Located in Fort Worth and serving clients throughout Texas, we are experienced in assisting injury victims in many scenarios. Oil and gas well accident victims deserve to be represented aggressively and intelligently, and that’s just what Anderson Cummings does.

Gas leak and explosion cases can be very complicated. That’s because the accidents at oil and gas rigs often involve multiple companies and numerous lawyers. We know some people would feel overwhelmed taking on such a huge case, but Anderson Cummings lawyers are prepared to take action on your behalf. This is what we do, and we are here for you and your family. Let’s win this.

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