Compensation For Fort Worth Road Rage Victims

driver yelling at another driverWhen some drivers get angry, they take it out on other drivers. This could mean yelling or cursing at other drivers, but it could also mean crashing into other vehicles, running cars off the road or cutting them off.

When an angry driver does these kinds of things, it can result in a serious car accident that causes severe injuries.

If you or your loved one was injured in a road rage incident, the experienced Fort Worth auto accident attorneys at Anderson & Cummings are here to help. We provide a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss your claim and whether you may be eligible to seek compensation.

Determining Liability in a Road Rage Incident

You cannot seek compensation from another driver just because he or she was angry. You must show a link between the driver’s behavior and the accident. For example, you may have a case if you can show the other driver did one of the following things:

  • Ran you off the road
  • Intentionally swerved into you
  • Followed you too closely
  • Sped
  • Weaved between lanes without signaling until colliding with your vehicle

You may still have a case even if the driver did not get a ticket after the accident. However, a traffic citation could help strengthen your case.

Can Drivers be Cited for Road Rage?

Texas does not allow police to cite drivers for road rage, but they could be ticketed for a moving violation they committed while they were angry, such as speeding or tailgating.

Typically, these tickets fine drivers a certain amount of money. However, in certain cases, the driver could face criminal charges and be sent to jail. This could occur if the other driver is cited for things like assault and battery or vehicular manslaughter.

Damages Available After Road Rage Incidents

Damages from a road rage crash could be substantial and may include:

  • Property damage – Your vehicle may have been seriously damaged in the accident. You may be able to recover the costs to repair or replace your vehicle.
  • Medical expenses – Accident victims should seek immediate medical attention if they suspect they were injured. You could receive compensation for current treatment and follow-up care.
  • Lost wages – If you missed work to recover from your injuries or to receive follow-up care and you lost because of it, you may be able to seek compensation for your lost wages.
  • Pain and suffering – You may be able to recover damages for your pain and suffering as well as your mental anguish.
  • Punitive damages – Punitive damages are a rare form of damages that are meant to punish the at-fault party for malicious acts that caused others injury. Since many road rage behaviors are intentional and show a disregard for the safety of others, you might be able to recover punitive damages. It is best to discuss this with a qualified attorney.

Consult an Experienced Lawyer After an Accident

If you were injured in a road rage crash, the trusted attorneys at Anderson & Cummings are here to help. If another driver is at fault for your injuries, you may be eligible for compensation.

Schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with one of our knowledgeable personal injury attorneys. We accept cases on a contingency basis, meaning we only charge if we recover compensation for your claim.

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