Don’t Deal With Insurance Companies Yourself

desk in legal officeInsurance companies train their adjusters to be skilled negotiators who can protect the company’s bottom line. If you have been in an auto accident, you should know that the insurance adjusters do not have your best interests in mind.

After a serious car accident, you need aggressive representation that will fight for your needs, not your insurance company’s. The attorneys at Anderson & Cummings have years of experience dealing with insurance companies, and will work to get you the settlement you deserve. Call (877) 920-9009 or fill out our consultation form to have one of our Texas attorneys review your case for free.

Why Do You Need an Attorney to Deal with Insurance Adjusters?

Many people believe they can handle negotiating with an insurance company on their own. Before you deal with an insurance adjuster, consider these warnings:

Insurance Companies Don’t Want to Pay Your Medical Bills

Insurance companies don’t make money by paying every medical bill. Your insurance company will avoid paying your bills if they think they can get away with it. Make sure you review your policy carefully to determine which bills and procedures should be covered.

The First Settlement Offer is Usually Lower than You Deserve

Your insurance company will often give you a low settlement offer in hopes that you will accept it quickly and not cause problems. These initial offers are often much less than you should receive.

Anything You Say Will Be Used Against You

Your adjuster will keep a record of things you say which may give the company a reason to deny your claim. The adjuster will want you to agree with the company’s version of events, which may not be the truth. Never sign any paperwork or give any statements before talking to an attorney like those at Anderson Cummings.

Insurance Companies Will Ignore You

A common tactic of insurance companies is to ignore claimants until they go away. By ignoring a claim, insurance companies may hope that you will give up, or wait so long that the statute of limitations to file a lawsuit will expire.

Insurance Companies May Threaten You

An insurance company may try to force you to pay them by threatening you with collections letters or even the loss of your drivers license. If an insurance company is threatening you, speak with an attorney and learn what your rights and obligations are.

Anderson & Cummings: Attorneys With Passion, Integrity, and Grit

Insurance companies have more resources and information than the average accident victim. Don’t take on these multi-million dollar companies on your own. The Fort Worth, TX personal injury lawyers at Anderson & Cummings have the experience and the attitude that you need on your side.

Make sure you don’t settle for less than you deserve, Call (877) 920-9009 and our Fort Worth attorneys will deal with the insurance company so you don’t have to!

*These are actual dollar amounts paid to clients after the deduction of attorney fees and expenses.


Verdict & Settlement

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Bad faith insurance settlement involving failure to defend and failure to settle claim.



Brain injury caused by electrocution.