Distracted Driving Behaviors Besides Texting with a Cellphone

eating and drivingWhen people think of distracted driving, the first thing that comes to mind is texting and driving. This is because texting and driving is one of the most prevalent forms of distracted driving. However, there are so many other distractions that take drivers’ attention off the road. Drivers need to be aware of these things so they can avoid them and help reduce their risk of a potentially deadly accident.

Distractions involve anything that takes a driver’s eyes, hands or attention off the road. If you were injured in an accident caused by distractions, an experienced Fort Worth car accident attorney from Anderson & Cummings can help. We will investigate your accident and determine if it may have been caused by a distracted driver. If we find that you have a case against the at-fault driver, we will help you pursue the maximum amount of compensation you deserve.

If you lost a loved one because of a negligent driver, we can discuss pursuing a wrongful death action to help you recover damages for the effects of your loss. We have detailed knowledge of common law and statutory causes of action.

Adjusting the Vehicle’s Features

Drivers may become distracted because they are adjusting controls and features available in their vehicles. Navigation and entertainment systems in vehicles have become increasingly complicated. This often requires motorists to take their focus away from the roadway while they concentrate on things other than driving.

Another feature that often causes drivers to become distracted is the vehicle’s climate controls. Motorists often focus on adjusting the temperature inside their vehicle after they begin driving. This may also include defrosting the vehicle’s windows or mirrors, causing motorists to take their hands off the steering wheel to concentrate on something other than driving.

Drivers may adjust the audio dials for their vehicle’s stereo system or focus on choosing new music to listen to while driving. Drivers can easily avoid this distraction by preparing a playlist before leaving so that the music will automatically play without having to make any adjustments while driving.

Drivers may also adjust other aspects of their vehicle, such as their seat or mirrors, especially if another driver recently drove the vehicle. Rather than making these actions while the vehicle is moving, drivers should adjust their seat and all mirrors before leaving.

Moving Objects Inside Your Vehicle

Drivers may also become distracted by moving objects inside their vehicles. This may include objects that fell below the driver’s seat or passengers traveling with the driver inside his or her vehicle. Likewise, uncontained pets that are freely roaming the vehicle may cause the driver to become distracted.

Rather than dealing with these things while the vehicle is moving, you should pull over to a safe location to address the distraction. This may help motorists avoid causing a traffic accident.

Dealing with Children

When drivers have children in the car, they may become distracted by them. Children may cry, shriek, or argue with each other. Children do not understand how their behavior affects the driver and may not regulate their behavior. Drivers may turn around or look away from the road to tend to children misbehaving in their vehicles.


In today’s fast-paced world, many motorists try save time by multi-tasking, such as eating or drinking while driving. This can be dangerous and causes motorists to become distracted while driving.

If food or drink spills, the driver may look away from the road and not pay attention to the road. Additionally, eating or drinking while driving requires the motorists to take their hands off of the vehicle’s steering wheel, which can be dangerous if the driver needs to suddenly swerve or brake to avoid an accident.

Personal Grooming

You should take of your grooming or self-care needs before driving. When motorists attempt to groom themselves while driving, they may become distracted and take their attention away from the roadway.

Additionally, many grooming methods require you to use both hands, which need to be on the steering wheel to control your vehicle. This may include brushing your hair or applying makeup or skincare. To avoid distractions causing by personal grooming, plan ahead to be ready before you drive. Also, keep grooming products out of reach or pull over to a safe location, if necessary.


Other drivers may be distracted by smoking and smoke-related activities. These activities include:

  • Lighting a cigarette
  • Tapping ashes
  • Smoking
  • Vaping
  • Preparing cigarette rolls or vaping devices

Smoke-related activities can be dangerous because they occupy the driver’s hands. Additionally, they may require you to take your eyes off the road when engaging in these activities.


One of the most common types of distractions that affect drivers is daydreaming. Driving is often boring, so many people may begin thinking about other tasks, memories or become lost in thought to keep themselves entertained.

However, daydreaming can divert your attention away from the roadway and the task of driving. This may affect your ability to quickly react to objects in the roadway, stopped vehicles or other emergency situations.

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