Drunk Driving Involved in Wrong-Way Crash

wrong way signTwo people were injured in a three-car wrong-way accident on Dallas’s Bush Turnpike early Monday morning, June 13. Two of the three drivers involved are suspected to have been under the influence of alcohol.

Around 3:20 a.m., a GMC Yukon entered the Bush Turnpike via the exit ramp at Marsh Lane, heading in the wrong direction. The Yukon was traveling east in the westbound lanes for approximately half a mile before striking a Chevrolet Impala. Following the accident, a Toyota Camry traveling west also struck the Impala. The Camry’s driver stated they did not see the Impala.

The drivers of the Impala and Camry suffered non life-threatening injuries and were transported to nearby hospitals.

Although the investigation is currently ongoing, the Texas Department of Public Safety has stated it suspects the drivers of the Yukon and Impala were driving under the influence.

The Yukon’s driver was arrested following the accident and transported to the Denton County Jail, where he was charged with driving while intoxicated. The driver of the Impala is still in the hospital recovering from injuries sustained in the accident, but investigators plan to file drunk driving charges once the length of his hospital stay is determined.

Texas Leads Nation in Wrong-Way Accidents

More wrong-way accidents occur in Texas than any other state. Recent drunk driving statistics indicate that:

  • In 2011, 185 wrong-way driving cases were reported in San Antonio alone, resulting in seven fatalities.
  • Eighty percent of accidents involving wrong-way drivers take place between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m., with the number significantly increasing after bars close at 2 a.m.
  • One study notes that in fatal wrong-way crashes taking place from 2004 to 2009, 59 percent of wrong-way drivers had a blood alcohol concentration at or above 0.15.

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