F-150 Brake Failure Complaints Under Government Investigation

car on its sideIn response to complaints from drivers, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is investigating approximately 420,000 Ford F-150 pickup trucks for potential brake failure.

The NHTSA has received 33 complaints associated with Ford F-150 brake failure. Of these complaints, 31 were made in the past year, and 20 complaints were reported in the past seven months.

Some drivers say that brake power was completely lost as their vehicle’s brake pedal fell to the floor. Some drivers were told by mechanics that the problem was due to leaking brake fluid from the master cylinder of the brake booster.

Four accidents have been reported due to Ford F-150 brake failure; none have led to injuries, though serious property damage has occurred.

Investigators will be searching to uncover how frequently this problem is occurring and how widespread the issue may be. This probe will help the agency determine if a recall should be issued at a later date.

Vehicles Under Investigation

The NHTSA’s probe covers approximately 420,000 Ford F-150 trucks. The affected vehicles are model years 2013 and 2014. These trucks have 3.5-Liter, six-cylinder engines. According to Ford, F-150s with different sized engines have the same braking systems as the models in question; the investigation may later extend to involve F-150 trucks with other engines.

The estimated 420,000 vehicles affected represent approximately 36 percent of the total sales of 2013 and 2014 model year Ford F-150s sold in the United States. Ford F-Series trucks lead vehicle sales in the U.S.; two-thirds of the F-Series sales are F-150s.

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