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lit up fracking rig at nightLocated beneath Fort Worth and 17 other Texas counties is the Barnett Shalea 5,000 square-mile natural gas field routinely drilled for its valuable reserves. Workers who extract the oil and gas found in this enormous geological formation are frequently injured because of these hazardous conditions, and many times these injuries are severe.

If your employer put you at an undue risk of injury during your work on the Barnett Shale, the Fort Worth oil and gas lawyers at Anderson & Cummings are ready to defend your rights. We work on a contingency fee basis which means that we do not accept fees unless we obtain a recovery in your case.

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Barnett Shale Accidents Endangering Texas Workers and Residents

Oil and natural gas companies are racing to profit from the resources contained in the Barnett Shale, and the pressure to do so can result in corporate negligence. Cutting corners to more quickly extract oil and gas only leads to endangering employees, and this is how life-threatening injuries are sustained.

For years, extracting natural gas from within the Barnett Shale was a difficult process. Since fracking has made extraction more manageable, this controversial method of oil mining has become commonplace.

Sadly, many accidents have occurred because of the extraction process, and the result has been record profits for the oil companies.

Residents, too, have suffered the side effects of drilling the Barnett Shale. Reports of accidents in regions that are routinely drilled are common, especially on sites where the mineral rights have been sold by the residents.

Why Contact a Lawyer for Your Barnett Shale Accident?

Anderson & Cummings’ attorneys are keenly aware of Barnett Shale accidents. We have years of experience dealing with the specific problems that arise out of negligence in the natural gas industry, and we are here to help the families who have been impacted by it.

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