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The Boy Scouts of America have had a longstanding reputation of respect in the U.S., but unfortunate revelations about sexual abuse by scout leaders have tarnished its image. Parents can no longer blindly trust that their children will be safe with community leaders simply because they are adults.

One of the largest child sex abuse cases successfully litigated named the Scouts of Oregon, and more lawsuits are being filed across the country in states like Texas.

If you or your son was sexually abused by a Boy Scout leader in Texas, contact Anderson & Cummings. Based in Fort Worth, our attorneys have handled many complicated sexual abuse cases involving nationally recognized organizations, and we are here to help.

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Taking Action against Boy Scout Sexual Abuse

Anderson & Cummings knows that these cases are sensitive and can be extremely difficult on the family and child who was abused. Because of this, we conduct thorough research on allegations and gather evidence with great care. When victims come forward to tell us their story, we listen and take action. We want to set things right for our clients.

These cases are about more than financial compensation. You need results, and our team of legal professionals are ready to help you obtain them.

Holding child sexual abusers accountable for their actions not only brings justice and closure to your experience, but it can help prevent future abuse to other children.

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Verdict & Settlement

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