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poolDid your child drown at a public swimming pool? Did you lose a loved one in a boating accident where the driver had been drinking?

Drowning accidents can happen in almost any water-related situation, but if it happens because another person was behaving recklessly, you may have a valid claim of wrongful death.

Anderson Cummings experienced Texas drowning accident lawyers are here to answer your questions and help you if you need to file a claim. The compensation that a successful verdict or settlement can bring can cover funeral expenses, pain and suffering, or ongoing medical treatments if your loved one survived the accident.

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Drowning Accidents Can Happen in an Instant

It only takes one moment for an adult to look away from your child for tragedy to strike, but persons of any age can drown if negligence is involved. Boating accidents can result in drowning if there are not enough life preservers on board or if the driver of the boat was reckless or intoxicated at the time of the accident.

Even in cases of near-drowning, victims can suffer brain damage forever altering their lives and the lives of their families while they cope with the victims injuries and seek treatment.

Anderson Cummings is prepared to tackle your Texas drowning accident claim today. If someone else’s recklessness caused you pain, contact our firm for help. After listening to the details of your case our attorneys can help you determine what your legal options are.

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