GM Ignition Switch Death Toll Reaches Triple Digits

car ignition with keysCompensation is on the way for the loved ones of at least 100 people who died in crashes linked to defective ignition switches from General Motors (GM).

Just last week the death toll stood at 97, and this announcement marks the first acknowledgement from the company that deaths have now reached triple-digits.

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GM recalled 2.6 million cars from 20 different models last year after it was discovered the faulty switches could cause the engine to turn off when the vehicle was jostled.

During the initial ignition recall, NHTSA has reported something as simple as vibrations from rough roads or a heavy key ring can result in the ignition switch moving out of the run position, cutting off the engine and all electrical power.

Other contributing factors:

  • Accidentally bumping the key or steering column
  • Front-end collisions

Not only has GM admitted knowing about the problem for at least a decade before recalling the cars last year; GM also approved the same ignition switch design, even though GM’s suppliers stated the design did not meet GM’s specifications.

The victim compensation fund is being overseen by attorney Kenneth Feinberg. Feinberg has said each death claim would start at a minimum of one million for those who lost a loved one. The fund also approved five new injury claims. Of the 184 injury claims approved, 12 are for serious injuries and 172 are for less severe injuries.

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