Google to Issue Driverless Car Reports

vehicle trafficIn light of heightened safety concerns following a second accident in less than a week, Google will begin issuing monthly reports on its self-driving cars. The most recent rear-end crash brings the total number of accidents over the last six years of testing to twelve.

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In an attempt to clear roadblocks surrounding safety, Google has dedicated a site to host monthly updates. It also features a forum for community feedback.

In this most recent accident a driver in Mountain View, California, rear-ended one of the driverless cars at a traffic light. And according to Google, a number of the incidents involved motorists rear-ending Google cars at stop lights not the other way around.

Google representatives maintain its self-driving cars have never been at-fault in an accident. If Google took on Uber with driverless cars would you accept a ride from them over a car with a driver?

If you’re unsure, there may be some more options rolling your way in the future. Its rumored that everyone from Apple to Sony is interested in putting the pedal to the metal when it comes to the self-driving car game.

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