Hailstorm Causes $600 Million in Damages

cracks in a windshieldThe Insurance Council of Texas, an industry trade group, estimates the damage from last Friday’s severe hailstorm will reach $600 million in auto and property damage claims. If those numbers prove to be correct, Friday’s storm would be the 12th most expensive storm in Texas history.

Mark Hanna, a spokesperson for the group, predicted that $300 million of the estimated total will go to car repairs. He said that about 50,000 vehicles were damaged by hail that pounded vehicles and busted windshields in the Fort Worth area.

Hail fell across in the region in two waves and in varying sizes, from the size of a blueberry to a tennis ball.

The Insurance Council is considering this a catastrophic event. Insurance companies throughout the area are working overtime and have had to bring in more adjusters to assess damage claims to cars and homes. They are reporting thousands of claims.

Body and repair shops are reporting that they are booked through the middle of May with appointments for vehicles damaged in the storm. Some vehicles were totaled as a result of the damage.

According to a local roofing construction company, despite the shock from the initial hail damage, the worst is yet to come. As more rain travels through the region property owners are likely to discover further roof and other damage caused by the hail.

Weather professionals have stated that these types of weather systems are common during spring. Another severe storm with hail up to 2 inches in diameter caused serious damage throughout Plano and surrounding areas just last night. And additional storms are expected to develop over the coming weekend.

Damage from monstrous hail like we saw this week, can cause costly damage to cars and homes. For those who are having trouble getting the compensation they deserve for their claim, the insurance lawyers at Anderson Cummings can help.

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