Highway Safety Reminder Issued Following Fatal Crash

car broken downA man was fatally struck last week while changing a flat tire on the southbound shoulder of President George Bush Turnpike last week. The accident prompted authorities to issue a reminder to all drivers of the safety resources available to them throughout the state.

According to the Texas Highway Patrol, the victim stopped along the right shoulder of the southbound lanes to change a flat tire. An SUV hit the rear of his vehicle, killing him. The force of the crash sent the victim’s vehicle into the lanes of traffic, where it was then struck by a second automobile.

Safety officials say this death could have been prevented had the victim taken advantage of available resources. To prevent roadside deaths, the North Texas Tollway Authority (NTTA) is reminding drivers to call for assistance rather than attempting to fix vehicle problems themselves.

Multiple free courtesy services exist to safely assist Texas drivers in the event of a roadside breakdown. Motorists are advised to always remain inside their vehicles until help arrives.

The NTTA operates a fleet of roadside assistance vehicles that aid drivers who find themselves stranded along the state’s tollways. They will not only help resolve vehicle issues, such as changing flat tires or moving stalled vehicles safely to the side of the road, but will also provide protection from hazards in efforts to keep all motorists safe. The large safety trucks are parked near the stranded motorist’s vehicle to create a barricade between motorists and oncoming traffic.

By calling the phone number printed on the back of Texas drivers’ licenses, motorists can get assist from the Texas Department of Public Safety, which will dispatch a local law enforcement officer to assist stranded motorists. If you are unsure of who to call in the event of a roadside breakdown, you can call 911 for assistance.

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