Incorrectly Loaded Trucks and Falling Cargo

truck hauling woodSemi-trucks play an important role in the U.S. economy, transferring goods and other important cargo across the country. However, sometimes that cargo can pose a serious threat to other motorists on the roads.

No one expects for a large item to come flying at them from the back of a semi-truck while driving down the highway, but this does sometimes happen. Improperly loaded trucks allow materials to shift and move within a truck or on the bed of a truck, greatly increasing the risk for falling cargo.

If cargo rolls off of a truck or comes loose and flies through the air, it poses a number of serious risks, including:

  • Immediately striking the vehicle behind it
  • Forcing a driver to brake or swerve to avoid fallen debris in the middle of the road
  • Releasing toxic chemicals in the air
  • Creating slippery or dangerous road conditions from spilled liquids

To ensure the safety of all motorists on the roads, truck drivers, trucking companies and the company that loads the truck must follow federal regulations for properly securing the cargo of a truck. The material must be appropriately tied down, evenly distributed and able to withstand a certain amount of acceleration and movement while on the road.

The loss of unsecured cargo can lead to devastating injuries to unsuspecting vehicles following behind a truck. If the falling debris causes an accident, the responsible party can be held accountable for any injuries that result.

These types of accidents are often a result of carelessness on the part of the driver or trucking company who have a responsibility to ensure that their cargo is appropriately and securely loaded. They should also check their loads periodically while on the road to ensure that nothing has shifted unfavorably.

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