Leading Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

man riding a motorcycleMotorcycle accident deaths are soaring in Texas despite a decline across the nation. Fifteen percent of all Texas traffic fatalities are related to motorcycle accidents, and approximately 500 Texas motorcycle fatalities occurred in 2013.

With fatalities rising in our great state, it is important to examine the common causes of motorcycle accidents. The leading causes include:

Head-On Crashes

Collisions between motorcycles and other types of vehicles make up 56 percent of deadly motorcycle accidents, with 78 percent of them being head-on.

Lane Splitting

Lane splitting is a dangerous behavior often performed by motorcyclists. When two lanes of traffic are stopped or have slowed, motorcyclists lane split by driving in the space between two lanes of traffic.

This activity commonly causes motorcycle accidents because of the motorcycles close proximity to other vehicles, the limited space the motorcyclist has to make maneuvers, and because vehicle drivers do not expect motorcycles to pass between lanes.

Hazards on the Road

Because they are smaller and inherently not as stable, motorcycles are more vulnerable to road hazards than other vehicles. Potholes, uneven roads, irregular paving and other hazards create dangerous driving conditions for motorcyclists.

Left Turns by Vehicles

Forty-two percent of car vs. motorcycle collisions are caused by cars that are turning left. As a car attempts to turn left, the vehicle may hit a motorcyclist as the motorcycle travels straight at an intersection, passes the vehicle, or as the motorcyclist attempts to overtake the vehicle. Motorcycles are much smaller than other vehicles, making them difficult for drivers to see.

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