Majority of Drivers Admit to Road Rage

an angry driverIn a study recently released by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, the majority of polled drivers admitted to engaging in potentially dangerous activities while driving like road rage, aggression and anger.

The concerning behavior of participants included yelling at other drivers, gesturing angrily and following too close to another driver’s bumper. The study found that eight million drivers participated in even more dangerous behavior deemed “road rage” like ramming another car intentionally or confronting another driver by getting out of the vehicle.

The study analyzed 2,705 licensed drivers who had driven at least once in the previous 30 days. Although the study was conducted in 2014, the results were just released this month.

Sociologists are not surprised by the statistics that name young males ages 19 to 39 as the most aggressive drivers. Male motorists were more than three times more apt than women to ram other cars or get out their cars to confront other motorists.

According to the foundation’s research director, too many motorists are acting aggressively by lashing out in the moment, which may lead to deadly consequences for themselves or other motorists and pedestrians.

Road rage and angry driving can lead to car accidents because reckless driving and speeding may be contributing factors in serious or even fatal collisions. Even though 50 percent or more of drivers saw road rage as a larger issue than a similar survey three years prior, a large number of drivers still engage in intentionally angry driving behavior like tailgating, honking the horn and yelling to show aggravation.

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