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CDC: Millions Drive Drunk Each Month

Posted on behalf of Anderson Cummings on Aug 12, 2015 in Auto Accidents

Texas drunk driverA study released by the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) discovered that 4.2 million people admitted to driving drunk at least one time during the previous month. With numbers this staggering, the reality of drunk driving is brought to the forefront and this new study, based on data from 2012, recognizes that addressing this problem could save lives.

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Typical Drunk Driver

The typical drunk driver is a young male with a binge drinking history. According to Dr. Scott Krakower, who specializes in alcohol abuse issues, binge drinking is rampant among the young. He encourages people to pursue help if they have a drinking problem and restates what may seem obvious do not drink if you are driving a vehicle. You not only endanger yourself, but you put other lives at risk.

Additionally, four percent of adults also fall into the binge drinking category, which includes men who drink more than more than five drinks in one occasion or women who have four or more drinks per occasion.

Reducing Fatalities

A team led by CDC investigator, Amy Jewett, found that drunk driving fatalities can drop if states get tougher on the issue. They suggest the following as ways to possibly decrease fatalities:

  • Increase taxes on alcohol
  • Get tougher about underage drinking
  • Mandate ignition interlocks (in-car breathalyzers)
  • Expand sobriety roadside checkpoints
  • Parental involvement is imperative as well

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