Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month: Protective Clothing

motorcycle on dirt roadMay is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, providing an opportunity to learn more about safe biking before the summer arrives. One of the most important safety tips for motorcyclists is to wear appropriate protective clothing and outerwear because it can help prevent or minimize injuries.

Motorcycle accidents often cause serious injuries that may result in considerable recovery time and cost. If you were injured by a negligent driver, an experienced Fort Worth motorcycle accident attorney at Anderson & Cummings can help.

We can discuss your legal options for recovering compensation for your injuries and losses. In the meantime, stay safe by wearing protective clothing while you ride, as we explain below.

Importance of Wearing Protective Clothes

Drivers in passenger vehicles have thousands of pounds of protection surrounding them when they are in an accident. For motorcyclists, the only protection between their bodies and another vehicle or the pavement is protective equipment and clothing.

Some important protective clothing and outerwear to outfit yourself when riding your motorcycle includes the following:


A helmet is the most important piece of protective gear when riding a motorcycle. Not wearing a helmet increases the likelihood that you will be fatally or severely injured. Full-coverage helmets provide the greatest amount of protection.

When shopping for a helmet:

  • Make sure it fits snugly but is not too tight.
  • Avoid purchasing a used helmet in case it may have been impacted in a crash.
  • Look for the Department of Transportation sticker, which shows that the helmet has passed the rigorous safety tests administered by the department.
  • An additional safety guideline to look for is the Snell helmet standard, which is based on rigorous testing for impact and penetration.


Driving gloves help reduce the amount of vibration from the handlebars while riding. This feature helps reduce fatigue in your hands while improving your grip on the handlebars.

Gloves can also help protect your hands from injuries or burns if you are involved in an accident. Look for gloves that provide protection while still allowing you to grip the surface.


A heavy leather jacket can provide greater protection in case you are involved in an accident. If you wind up on the pavement, a jacket can help protect you from road rash and abrasions.

Some jackets include added thickness or thin internal layers to provide greater protection in cold or rainy weather, which also helps to protect your skin in case of a crash. Your jacket should also include reflective features to help other drivers to see you.

Glasses or Sunglasses

Visibility is key to safe driving on a motorcycle. Use sunglasses with tinted visors to block harmful UV rays and to prevent yourself from being blinded while riding.

Driving at higher speeds can make your eyes water or blur, which can affect your driving ability. Goggles, glasses or a face shield can allow you to maintain clear vision when confronted by dust, dirt, road debris or bugs.

Jeans or Pants

Jeans or pants with thicker materials, liners or weaves provide additional protection from the pavement in the event of a collision, possibly reducing the risk of abrasions or road rash. Consider wearing bright colors or reflective strips that are embedded in your clothing to enhance visibility to other drivers.

Protective Footwear

It is important to protect your feet, ankles and the lower part of your legs while on a motorcycle. Sparks can fly while riding, or your feet can come in contact with road debris. Consider heavy-duty or tall boots to protect yourself as much as possible.

Contact an Experienced Attorney

Sometimes even if you wear all of the best gear and follow every motorcycle safety tip, you may still get into an accident that causes severe injuries.

If you are hurt, it is important to contact a skilled motorcycle accident lawyer. Our experienced attorneys at Anderson & Cummings can analyze the circumstances surrounding your accident and determine various avenues for recovering compensation. Our team of personal injury attorneys can handle all aspects of your claim, including investigating its cause and negotiating with the insurance company.

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