Multiple Complaints Lodged Prior to Fatal Dog Attack

dog barking behind a fenceA 52-year-old Dallas woman was mauled by multiple dogs in a vacant lot on May 2nd. She was in a coma until she died on May 9th. Following the attack, Dallas Animal Services located the owners at a nearby home and issued 16 citations and seized seven dogs.

Dallas police are testing the seized animals to determine if they were responsible for the deadly dog attack. If it is found that the owner’s failure to properly restrain a known dangerous animal contributed to the woman’s death, they could face charges of attack by dog, a second degree felony, and the dogs involved may be euthanized if convicted.

History of Complaints

This fatal dog attack was not the first­­ incident involving the animal’s owners. According to Dallas Animal Services, there have been numerous complaints against the owners dating back to July 2013.

  • From July 2013 to August 2014, there were 10 reports of calls to the city about the property. After multiple violation notices were left by Animal Services, the owners surrendered 10 dogs to the agency.
  • Five citations were also given following reports of a dog attack in progress at the property in September 2015. Three dogs were euthanized following the incident.

There have been a series of dog bite incidents throughout the South Dallas area. Fire Rescue responded to eight calls for dog bites in the month of May alone. Dallas police reports also include reports of four other bites within the same area in May.

Following last week’s incident, Dallas City Manager issued a statement outlining changes that will be implemented to improve safety in the area. The Dallas Police Department, along with Animal Services, have increased patrols and are working to improve the sharing of information between agencies to develop new ordinances, better enforce existing animal ordinances and criminalize negligent owner behavior.

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