Prevent Car Accidents with This Young Driver Safety Checklist

driver holding car keysYoung drivers are at a higher risk of injury or death in car accidents compared to drivers of all other age groups. Learning safe driving habits can help your young driver stay safe on the roads.

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Checklist of Three Crucial Driving Habits

Young drivers should always follow the checklist below to establish safe driving habits. Incorporating these driving safety tips into your driving routine will also help prevent accidents.

1. Never Use a Cellphone When Driving

Cellphones should never be used while driving, even when in hands-free mode. Texting while stopped is also dangerous, as it takes your attention away from the road, preventing you from detecting hazards.

Using a cellphone behind the wheel can delay reactions and inhibit your driving abilities in the same way alcohol can. Sending or reading a text takes your eyes off the road for an average of 5 seconds – allowing you to drive the distance of an entire football field without looking at the roadway, which greatly increases your risk of a crash.

Many states and local governments have laws prohibiting using a cellphone while driving. Young drivers may face harsher penalties if caught breaking these laws.

2. Cut Distractions in the Car

Keep distractions to a minimum while driving so you can focus fully on the roadway. Young drivers are relatively inexperienced, so they are more likely to lose control of a vehicle even without distractions. Distractions while driving increase the risk of a crash, because they prevent drivers from noticing hazards until it is too late.

While driving, avoid:

  • Drinking and eating
  • Adjusting the radio
  • Deep or emotional conversations with passengers
  • Picking up things that have dropped inside the car

3. Never Drive Under the Influence

Drinking or consuming illegal substances (and even some prescription or over-the-counter medications) impair the brain, limiting judgement and reaction times. Driving while drowsy impairs the brain similarly, and should be avoided.

Underage drinking is illegal, as well as driving under the influence of any kind of substance while underage. Even if you have had just one drink or only a small amount of a substance, your brain is impaired – never get behind the wheel.

Teaching Your Teenager How to Drive Safely

Set your teenage driver up for success by using the following strategies:

  • Choose a safe vehicle for your child, with advanced safety equipment and a strong crash-safety record.
  • Set driving rules, and give your child plenty of supervised time to learn to drive safely. Train him or her how to drive in various conditions so he or she is prepared.
  • Once your teenager has his or her driver’s license, encourage him or her to drive alone whenever possible. Even just one passenger doubles the risk of an accident occurring.
  • Keep headlights on whenever the light is dim or dark, including early morning, evening as the sun is going down, and nighttime hours. Also use headlights during inclement weather to increase visibility and to help other vehicles see you. Never use hazard lights (flashers) when driving in bad weather, because other drivers cannot see you in those moments between flashes.
  • Follow the speed limit, even if other vehicles around you are speeding.
  • Practice defensive driving by being aware of vehicles surrounding you. Give yourself at least two seconds of following distance to provide room to escape a dangerous situation. You should allow even more space in traffic or poor weather.
  • Always wear your seat belt, and require all passengers to do so as well.

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