Samsung Safety Truck: The Way of the Future for Big Rigs?

blue 18 wheelerWhat if you could see through a large semi-truck to know what is coming down the road ahead before passing?

Samsung, one of the worlds leading technology companies, has developed a prototype that can do just that. Through the use of large screens on the backend of a truck and cameras at the front, this Safety Truck gives drivers the ability to see what is happening on the road ahead of the truck.

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Safety Truck

If you have ever been on a two lane highway and wanted to pass a semi-truck, you know that it is often a harrowing maneuver. That’s why Samsung set out to create the Safety Truck proto-type.

The truck has a video wall composed of four separate monitors displayed on the back of the truck that are connected to a wide angle view camera that provides a view of traffic ahead.

The model hopes to not only make trucks safer to pass, but also to alert drivers about potential hazards on the road ahead.

While the idea is great in theory, the idea begs the question of how safe the new technology really is. How will it handle inclement weather? Will there be a lag between real-time and what is shown on the screens? Who will be to blame if the technology fails and causes an accident?

There are numerous questions that still need to be answered. The truck is the first prototype and has years and many complicated steps to get through before you see if on everyday roads.

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