Scarring After a Texas Car Crash – When Can You File a Claim?

doctor checking patient with arm in bandageTraffic accidents cause a lot of terrible injuries. It is bad enough to suffer severe physical injuries but scarring and disfigurement can leave a permanent reminder of a traumatic event. Worse still, medical treatment for scars is both extensive and costly.

Learn more about scarring in a collision and when crash victims may be eligible to seek compensation for these damages.

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How Does Scarring Occur in a Collision?

The impact of a collision can cause all kinds of severe injuries, even when going at slower speeds. Common injuries from car crashes that may leave a permanent scar include:

  • Contact with electrical wires or hot metal, liquid or steam can cause minor to severe burns.
  • Deep lacerations from broken glass, metal or even jagged plastic could cause scarring.
  • Losing even one limb in a crash leaves a victim with permanent scarring and disfigurement.
  • Compound fractures that break through the skin and may also need metal plates.

Crash victims may gash their heads or faces by striking something hard inside the vehicle during a crash. An airbag deploying is meant to protect drivers and passengers, however, if it explodes, it could cause scarring from cuts, burns and facial fractures.

What Are the Most Common Scars Resulting From a Crash?

Many people may not realize that there are different types of scars. In a car crash, these are the three main types of scarring that could occur:

  • Hypertrophic scarring – Thick scars that are raised and may be pink or reddish in color. These scars are easier to treat than others and may also become less noticeable over time.
  • Keloid scars – Notable for extending beyond the area of the original wound, keloids are difficult to treat. Without ongoing treatment, these reddish-purple scars often return.
  • Contractures – Caused by burns, this type of scarring causes the skin to become tight and rigid. Victims with contractures may not only lose mobility in the affected areas but there may also be underlying nerve damage.

How well scars heal depends on the type of scar, how quickly you received treatment and also how your body responds to that treatment.

Can All Scars Get Added to a Crash Claim?

It goes without saying that to include a scar in a crash claim, you must be able to prove negligence and also directly link the scar to the crash. Additionally, not all scars are created equal. If you have a minor scar that is not visible or requires little or no treatment, it will not add much, if any, value to your claim.

We recommend discussing your injuries, including any permanent scarring with one of our licensed attorneys. If you suffered scarring and other injuries in a crash, seeking legal help could greatly benefit you and your claim.

How Much Compensation Will I Get for Scarring?

Scars are not valued equally. There are a lot of factors that are considered when determining how much a scar from a crash may be worth.

The most critical factors when assessing the value of a scar includes:

  • Where the scar is located (facial scars are generally valued more than scars in less visible areas)
  • Whether the scar is permanent or is likely to become less noticeable over time
  • How the scar affects the victim on a daily basis – physically and emotionally
  • A victim’s age – because a younger victim is likely to suffer more over a lifetime
  • The gender of a victim – facial scars are generally valued higher for a young woman than, say, for a much older man
  • Marital status of the victim – as scarring could affect the victim’s relationship with a spouse or partner
  • The overall size, color and visibility of the scar

The cost of treating scars is another factor that gets added to the value. Even a person’s career could affect the value of a scar in an injury claim.

For example, a stuntman who has probably had a lot of injuries over his or her career may not be overly concerned about a scar. However, the career of an actor, actress or model could be greatly impacted or even finished by a severe scar. An office worker, musician or athlete who suffered severe burn injuries to their hands or limbs may also be unable to return to their former career.

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