Should I Exchange Information After an Auto Accident in Texas?

signing paper on a car trunkDrivers often exchange information and call the police after a car accident, even if they think it was a minor accident. This is the safe move after an accident, and it can also be a big help if you decide to pursue compensation for your damages through an injury claim. Information from the other driver and the police report is crucial in establishing who was at fault for an accident.

However, sometimes exchanging information is not just the smart thing to do, it is required by law. Below, learn more about what the law says about exchanging information after an accident.

What Does the Law Say?

Section 550.023 of the Texas Transportation Code explains your responsibilities after an accident that has caused or is reasonably likely to cause injury or death to someone involved. It states that the drivers involved in the accident must exchange:

  • Names
  • Addresses
  • Registration numbers of vehicles
  • Names of insurance companies
  • Driver’s license numbers

The statute also says the driver has a duty to offer reasonable help to any injured person, including contacting emergency responders to transport the individual to the hospital.

Hitting an Unattended Vehicle

If you are involved in a crash with an unattended vehicle, Section 550.024 of the Texas Transportation Code says that you must stop and attempt to locate the owner of the vehicle and try to provide the information described in Sec. 550.023. However, if the owner cannot be located, you must leave your information plus a statement on what happened in the incident, in a visibly secure place on the vehicle.

What Else Should I Do After a Fort Worth Accident?

There are several steps you can take beyond what is required by the law to start gathering evidence that may be useful in an injury claim:

  1. Evaluate the scene and take notes of any relevant information. You may not remember everything that occurred days or even hours later, so it is best to write things down while your memories are fresh.
  2. If you feel safe, you should use your smartphone to take photos of the scene of the accident from several different angles.
  3. Collect contact information from any possible witnesses in the area. You can also record them on video discussing what they say, if they give you permission.
  4. You should avoid signing any settlement agreements or paperwork that allows your medical records to be released to any insurance companies (including your own), before speaking to a licensed attorney.

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