Strategies to Prevent Pedestrian Accidents in Texas

pedestrians crossing a streetIn the next two hours, it is likely that one pedestrian will die from injuries suffered in a traffic accident, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The daily rate of injuries from pedestrian car accidents is even worse, as approximately 430 people will be treated in emergency rooms across the nation for injuries suffered in pedestrian accidents.

One of the saddest things about these traffic accidents is that many of them were caused by drivers who were engaging in reckless behavior, including drunk driving, disobeying traffic laws and distracted driving.

Fortunately, there are a variety of things that pedestrians and drivers can do to reduce the risk of an accident.

Tips for Pedestrians to Avoid Accidents

Pedestrians need to take certain precautions to make themselves more visible and reduce the chances of being hit by a car, including:

  • Using crosswalks whenever they are available
  • Avoiding distractions like cellphones or listening to music when walking
  • Wearing bright-colored clothing to make yourself easily visible to drivers, especially at night
  • Always walking on the sidewalk when one is available
  • Looking left, right then left again to make sure no cars are coming
  • Trying to make eye contact with drivers when crossing the street to make sure they see you
  • Waiting for cars to stop and never assuming that cars are traveling slowly enough for you cross in front of them
  • Not walking alone if you have been drinking
  • Holding your children’s hands whenever you cross the street with them
  • Making sure there are no cars turning when you are crossing the street
  • Always assuming that drivers do not see you
  • Watching for cars that are backing up when you are walking in a parking lot
  • Planning ahead to find the safest route that includes sidewalks, crosswalks and good lighting

Tips for Drivers to Prevent Crashes

There are many things drivers can do to reduce the chances of hitting pedestrians, such as:

  • Staying focused on the road at all times, particularly in areas with a lot of pedestrian traffic, like parking lots, intersections, neighborhoods, school zones and downtown areas
  • Reducing your speed if there is bad weather or other conditions that decrease your visibility
  • Continuously checking your mirrors and looking behind you when backing out of a parking spot
  • Avoid stopping in the middle of a crosswalk as it causes pedestrians to walk around your car and puts them at increased risk of an accident
  • Watching for pedestrians when making turns, especially when there are crosswalks
  • Avoiding all forms of distracted driving, such as texting, talking on a cellphone, changing radio stations or using mobile devices like GPS systems
  • Not driving drunk, as it is illegal and slows your reaction time

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