Top Reasons Bicycle Crashes Are More Common in Summer

teens riding bicycles in warm weatherBike riders get out in full force once warmer weather hits. Everyone wants to take advantage of the summer season, and the health benefits that go along with that. Unfortunately, there are also a lot more bicycle crashes in summer.

Anderson & Cummings discuss some of the reasons there are more bike crashes in summer and how riders can avoid becoming a victim.

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Why Are There More Bicycle Crashes During the Summer?

Between June and September, the number of bike crashes increases significantly. The most common reasons for the hike in bike crashes during the summer include:

More Bike Riders on the Road

Fort Worth is not known for being a biker-friendly city, but people still get out to enjoy a summer bike ride with friends and families. Others may take their riding more seriously and ride for miles to meet daily fitness goals. Children of all ages take advantage of being off from school to enjoy the independence of going to a friend’s house. Having more bicyclists on the road increases the odds that there will also be more accidents. Younger children and teens, especially, are more likely to engage in reckless behavior on their bikes. For instance, they may pop wheelies during peak traffic, making it harder for drivers to see them, which also greatly increases the risk of a crash.

Heavier Traffic

Cyclists are not the only ones getting out on the road more during summer. There is more of every type of traffic, from motorcyclists and pedestrians to cyclists and motor vehicles. College kids may jump at the opportunity to extend their independence by taking a road trip with friends. Families, too, often take vacations while children are on their summer break from school.

Young adults on a road trip with their peers are much more likely to drive recklessly, while parents may get distracted by kids in the backseat.

More Reckless and Impaired Drivers on the Road

Summer barbecues at Twin Points, pool parties, outdoor concerts and other parties may involve alcohol. Unfortunately, many drunk drivers may make a bad decision to get behind the wheel. However, even if a driver is buzzed or driving with a hangover, there is an increased risk of hitting bicyclists – or any vulnerable road user. Even being too tired can put bike riders at risk of being hit by a vehicle if a driver falls asleep at the wheel.

Construction Zones Everywhere

There is always a lot more road and construction work going on in the summer. With cyclists sharing the roads, there is a greater risk of being hit by a distracted or drowsy driver who failed to slow down in a work zone. If a work zone has confusing signage, or no warning at all, it could be very dangerous for a cyclist trying to navigate a detour.

More People Driving Distracted

Younger drivers, especially teens who are still fairly inexperienced, are more likely to engage in distracted driving behaviors. This could include:

  • Texting and driving
  • Taking videos or pictures while driving
  • Looking at their phones to play music
  • Adjusting GPS systems while driving
  • Getting distracted by friends in the car
  • And more

Even experienced drivers can get distracted by other things. For instance, a couple riding together may get into an argument.

What Types of Bicycle Accidents Are Common in the Summer?

The majority of bicycle accidents in summer result from rider falls or crashes involving a car. However, dooring accidents are also very common.

In Texas, the weather gets extremely hot in the summer, which could cause bicycle and motor vehicle tire blowouts. Riders may overheat and collapse from heatstroke. Any of these situations put riders at risk of being injured by a motor vehicle.

What Are the Bicycle Laws in Texas?

Bike riders in Texas are required to understand and follow the same traffic laws as drivers. This means when a traffic light is red, they are required to stop. If they are turning, they must signal.

Other safety laws for cyclists include having a white light on the front of the bike and a red reflector or light on the rear. This helps to make cyclists who ride at night more visible. Cyclists must also use hand and arm signals to alert drivers when they are turning, and they should ride closer to the curb traveling in the same direction as other traffic.

Are Helmets Required in Texas?

Wearing a helmet is strongly recommended, but riders are not required to wear bicycle helmets. That said, some local municipalities may have laws for wearing helmets in that area. Before getting on your bike, it is a good idea to know the local laws wherever you intend to be riding.

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