VW Appoints Kenneth Feinberg to Handle Emissions Claims

gavel and scalesLeading victim compensation attorney, Kenneth Feinberg, has been hired by Volkswagen (VW) to create and implement a compensation program for owners of VW vehicles equipped with deceptive emissions software. More than 500,000 vehicles have been recalled in the U.S. for the defeat devices meant to cheat strict U.S. emissions laws.

Feinberg is known for his work in handling compensation funds for the General Motors defective ignition switch scandal, the BP Gulf oil spill and the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Feinberg stated that he would begin designing a program for the automaker right away with input from VW owners, their attorneys and others affected by the deceitful devices. The program is expected to receive approximately 500,000 claims for two-liter diesel engines and an additional 85,000 three liter-diesel engine claims.

Feinberg’s team has stated that it is too early to know the details of the program, including what settlement options will be available, how long the compensation program will last and who will be eligible to file a claim. It is not clear if the automaker will buy back the affected vehicles, offer cash compensation or provide other remedies.

Volkswagen admitted to installing the illegal software in its vehicles as well as in Porsche and Audi vehicles. It is facing regulatory and criminal probes, along with civil lawsuits, internationally and in the United States.

By hiring Feinberg, the automaker hopes to move away from litigation in order to address claims from disgruntled vehicle owners. More than 500 lawsuits have already been filed against Volkswagen claiming that vehicle owners were defrauded and that the value of their vehicles has declined.

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