What Does “No Fees Upfront” Mean?

seth anderson and john cummingsAnderson & Cummings does not charge fees before taking your case or while pursuing compensation. The initial consultation where we review your claim is 100 percent free and we only bill you if we recover compensation on your behalf.

We cover the legal fees associated with your claim while working on it and bill you for a percentage of your compensation award to pay our costs. The exact percentage will be presented to you before we start work on your case and it may vary, depending on the details of your case.

Why does Anderson & Cummings Take on Cases With No Upfront Fees?

Our licensed attorneys strongly believe that injury victims should have access to high-quality legal advice. Defendants often have the support of insurance company lawyers and support staff which can put victims at a significant disadvantage.

Our fee structure can help to level the playing field by enabling us to determine if a case is valid with no upfront costs to the client and if so, we can put our experienced legal team to work on building a strong argument to help recover the maximum amount of financial compensation for the victim.

What is Covered in an Initial Consultation?

The law offices of Anderson & Cummings can discuss your situation in a Free Case Evaluation and determine whether your claim may qualify for compensation. You can also learn more about our fees and ask us any questions you may have about what to expect. If we take your case and you hire our firm, we will explain the fees for taking on your case before we get to work.

What is the Process When the Case is Completed?

Once a settlement is agreed upon or the jury reaches a verdict in your favor, you will be issued a closing statement, which includes the total amount of financial compensation awarded to you along with the fees for representing you.

The closing statement will also include outstanding medical bills and other debts you may owe to your health insurance provider, which we can help resolve.

Other Fee Arrangements Law Firms Use

Lawyers can take personal injury cases on contingency, but lawyers are prohibited from doing this with many other cases. In these situations, lawyers charge clients up front – this is known as a retainer fee and it is often a significant amount of money. The more complex the case, the higher the retainer fee. There is also an hourly fee charged whenever the attorney works on your case. As you can imagine, hourly fees add up quickly.

Charging upfront fees often prevents people from using the legal process to deal with a grievance or other issue.

How to Reach a Qualified Lawyer

If you or a loved one was injured in an accident, call the lawyers at Anderson & Cummings at (817) 920-9000. You can also fill out a Free Case Evaluation form and someone from our team of legal professionals will contact you shortly after.

There is no need to make a commitment to our firm, even after your initial complimentary consultation.

Our firm has over 50 years of combined legal experience and has recovered over $100 million in compensation for our clients.

Contact Anderson & Cummings today at (817) 920-9000.

*These are actual dollar amounts paid to clients after the deduction of attorney fees and expenses.


Verdict & Settlement

Verdict and settlement involving sexual abuse of 11 children by their pastor.



Bad faith insurance settlement involving failure to defend and failure to settle claim.



Brain injury caused by electrocution.