What to Do if Your Car Hydroplanes

car driving in rainDriving in heavy rain can be extremely dangerous but often you have to get where you’re going, no matter what the weather. And it can be difficult to know what conditions your car can endure and what conditions are indeed unsafe.

Hydroplaning occurs when water causes the tires of your car to disconnect from the ground. When your vehicle hydroplanes, you feel out of control. Hydroplaning is extremely dangerous, as it causes a sudden change in a vehicles speed and direction of travel.

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If your car hydroplanes, keep these dos and don’ts in mind:

  • Do not panic. Panicking clouds your judgment and makes it harder to react.
  • Do not brake or accelerate suddenly. Change in speed causes your car to hydroplane more severely and could also cause a spinout.
  • Do not use cruise control in wet weather. This greatly increases your odds of hydroplaning.
  • In a front wheel drive vehicle with traction control and an automatic braking system (ABS), steer toward open area but do not swerve. Push very lightly on the vehicle’s accelerator as you steer toward the empty space.
  • In a rear wheel drive without traction control or ABS, again steer for an open space but ease off the accelerator likely, the car will stop hydroplaning before you come to a stop.
  • Tire thickness can prevent hydroplaning. An easy way to check yours is to place a penny upside down in the tread of your tire. If Lincolns head is visible then your tread is too thin and you need new tires.
  • Slow down in extremely wet weather. A good rule of thumb is to drive 1/3 of your normal speed.

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