Wrong-Way Driver Kills Three in Head-on Collision

ambulance at car crash siteA head-on collision on Interstate 45 late Monday morning caused by a wrong-way driver sent six people to the hospital with injuries and killed three others, including children.

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According to investigators, an elderly man was traveling north in the southbound lanes of the highway between Fairfield and Streetman in a Chevrolet pickup truck when it collided head-on with a Nissan Pathfinder carrying two adults and six children.

After impact, the truck ended up in the median of the highway and the Pathfinder flipped and rolled into another lane where it was struck by an additional two vehicles.

The drivers of both the truck and the Pathfinder died instantly upon impact. A young boy from the SUV also later died. The injured survivors were air-lifted to nearby local hospitals.

Investigators believe that none of the children in the SUV were wearing seatbelts. One child was thrown from the vehicle during the crash.

A state trooper who responded to the crash stated that there were no indications that the driver of the pickup truck was impaired by alcohol. However, no details have been released explaining why the driver was driving in the wrong direction on the highway.

This tragic accident demonstrates the devastating consequences that can happen as a result of a wrong-way driver. According to studies conducted by the Federal Highway Administration, 0.3 percent of highway auto accidents result in fatalities, as compared to 22 percent of wrong-way accidents.

The most common cause of a wrong-way crashes is a driver entering the highway through an exit ramp.

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