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We Don't Get Paid Unless There Is A Recovery!
No Recovery. No Fee.

At the law offices of Anderson Cummings, we believe that every injured person has the right to quality representation, not just those who can afford to pay thousands in legal fees. That's why we take our cases on a contingent fee basis. You don't need to worry about how you are going to afford an attorney. We will work on your case with no up-front costs to you.

A contingent fee basis is exactly what it sounds like our fee is contingent upon winning or settling your case. Our fees come out of a portion of your recovery. If there's no recovery, we don't get paid. Think it sounds too good to be true?

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The Contingent Fee Difference

Most law firms charge anywhere from $200 to $500 per hour. You are billed for every minute each attorney spends working on your case, including the time the attorneys spend answering your phone calls or responding to emails. In an hourly fee structure like this, you may not feel comfortable checking on the status of your case for fear of running up your bill.

At Anderson Cummings, our contingent fee structure means that we get paid based on results, and you are never charged extra for speaking with your attorney.

Because we only get paid if we obtain a recovery for you, our Fort Worth personal injury attorneys spend countless hours reviewing documents and official records, speaking with doctors, interviewing witnesses, finding the best experts, and creating multiple exhibits to give you the best representation possible.

A contingent fee agreement means that we can take all the time we need to put together the best case we can without inflating your bill. It also means that our firm pays for all of these expenses up-front; you owe us nothing for them if we don't win or settle your case.

Anderson Cummings - Attorneys with Passion, Integrity & Grit

You deserve competent, dedicated legal representation that will fight for your rights without asking you for retainer fees first.  Our results speak for themselves, the attorneys at Anderson Cummings will provide you with the top-notch representation you deserve.

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