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Fort Worth Electrocution Injury Lawyers

Electrocution injury accidents can happen in an instant when an individual is exposed to powerful electrical currents due to another individuals negligence.

Although these types of injuries may be common at construction sites due to the use of powerful and dangerous electrical equipment, electrical injuries may also happen during other on-the-job accidents.

When power lines are not properly connected or fail to comply with OSHA standards, children and ordinary citizens are at risk of being electrocuted as a result. When an electrician fails to properly wire a home or leaves lines uncovered, homeowners and children are put in danger.

No one should ever have to suffer electrical shocks and burns. If your or a loved one have been injured, you need tough, hard-working personal injury lawyers on your side who will ensure that you are receiving the compensation you deserve.

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However your electrocution accident injury occurred, our lawyers know how to, and can, protect your rights to compensation. Electrocution accident injury victims in Texas can count on Anderson Cummings to work hard to make things right.

We have obtained hundreds of settlements and verdicts for clients who have suffered a wide range of personal injuries. Our attorneys understand that your case is not just about money, its about justice and holding people accountable for their actions.

Located in Fort Worth, we have helped many electrocution injury victims get the compensation they deserve.

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