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Fort Worth Sexual Abuse Lawyers—Child Advocate

Suffering through sexual abuse is an experience no person should have to bear. Although men and women of any age can become victims of this heinous crime, children and the elderly are too often exploited by the people we trust to look after them.

Teachers, Boy Scout leaders, daycare providers, church leaders, nursing home aides and camp counselors are just some of the positions of trust that sexual predators seek out to get close to our children. At the law offices of Anderson Cummings, our duty is to represent victims of sexual abuse with empathy and strength.

Our attorneys understand that while the physical scars left by sex abuse can be difficult to bear, the emotional trauma endured by victims can affect them for a lifetime.

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Why File a Sex Abuse Claim?

Sexual predators should be held liable for their behavior. Victims and their families can file a civil suit against the perpetrator to recover damages for the suffering they were exposed to because of the abuse.

Filing a claim of sex abuse with AC means we stand by your side through the entire ordeal, fighting for your rights.

In too many cases the victims are exploited by people in positions of power that they trust. While nothing can undo the terrifying experience you faced, holding the abuser responsible for their actions in court can take them out of the general population and potentially save others in addition to holding them accountable for what they put you through.

Additionally, there may have been warning signs or past problems with the abuser. Perhaps these problems were ignored or covered up by the abuser's employer (church, school, daycare center, Boy Scouts, etc.) If so, they too need to be held accountable and need to answer for their actions.

If your pain and suffering was caused by sexual abuse, we are here to support you today.

How do I know if I was Sexually Abused?

Sometimes, victims may be afraid to come forward about their experience, or wonder whether what they lived through is considered sexual abuse.

Any unwanted sexual contact from kissing, touching or fondling to assault or rape constitutes sexual abuse.

People who commit this type of abuse typically put themselves in positions of power within a community, and institutions may employ sexual abusers because they failed to run adequate background checks or supervise the employee. Because of this, companies or institutions may be liable in a sex abuse lawsuit.

Anderson Cummings is Prepared to Protect You Today

Families may be overwhelmed after learning their loved one was the victim of sexual abuse. We understand and want to remind you that you are not alone. Anderson Cummings experienced sex abuse attorneys provide free case evaluations to empower our clients and encourage them to fight back against the injustice they suffered.

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