11 Year Old Killed In Texas Panhandle Accident

police car stopped at nightThe Texas Dept of Public Safety have released details on a fatal two vehicle accident near Dalhart in the Texas panhandle that resulted in the death of an 11 year old boy.

According to the report, five other people were also injured in the collision that was caused after a Chevrolet Suburban SUV spun on icy roads and drive head on into the path of an oncoming 2012 Buick.

The icy conditions – which had been bought on by a strong winter front that dumped almost four inches of snow in the region – is believed to be a contributing factor in the collision, however, authorities have stated that the SUV – which was carrying three occupants from Phoenix – was traveling too fast for the conditions.

While the identify of the 11 year old has not been released, authorities have confirmed that 38 year old Mr. Gilberto Garcia Perez, 34 year old Paz Alejandra Rocha were killed in the crash. An un-named 11 month old child was also hurt.

The investigation continues.

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