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Dog attacks can be devastating, particularly for children and the elderly. Physical scars and other injuries may heal over time, but the psychological trauma could affect victims for years to come.

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Mr Cummings represented our family with our dog bite case for one of our children. Their attention to detail, non invasive personality, and overall proffessionalism lead to a quick settlement that was agreeable for all parties involved. If legal services are required in our future I would absolutely use this office and Mr Cummings again. I trust them and their team and so should you.
– Nicole Winter

If you or a loved one was bitten by a dog in Tarrant County due to a careless pet owner,  the Fort Worth dog bite lawyers at Anderson & Cummings may be able to seek compensation on your behalf.

Our board-certified personal injury trial attorneys have obtained more than $100 million in compensation on behalf of our clients. We have more than 50 years of combined experience. Partner Seth Anderson has been selected for Super Lawyers every year since 2013.

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Can I Hold the Dog Owner Liable For My Injuries?

This is a question you should discuss with a licensed attorney. There are many factors to consider, such as your injuries and Texas laws on establishing liability for a dog bite.

Texas is considered a “one-bite law” state. What this means is that, generally, a dog bite victim can only receive compensation if the dog bit someone else in the past or if the dog was known to be a dangerous animal.

The owner of the dog may also be held liable if he or she was negligent in caring for the dog, such as if the dog was not on a leash and it got away from the owner and bit someone. Another example would be if the owner did not secure a gate in the backyard and the dog was able to escape and attack someone.

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Legal Guidance on Dog Bite Liability in Texas

Much of the legal guidance around dog bite liability in Texas comes from Marshall v. Ranne, a case that was decided by the Texas Supreme Court in 1974. According to this case, victims of dog bites or attacks needed to establish two things to obtain compensation from the dog owner:

  • He or she knew of the dog’s past aggressiveness and a previous attack (the dog was already known to be dangerous).
  • He or she did not use reasonable care to secure the dog and help prevent a bite. Putting a dog on a leash or building a fence around the yard are two common examples of using reasonable care.

Properly Restraining a Dog

In the City of Fort Worth, there are specific regulations on properly restraining a dog. If these regulations were violated, you may be able to hold the owner liable for your damages:

  • Dogs must be placed behind an enclosure that is at least 48 inches high
  • Dogs that have been declared aggressive, and large breeds capable of climbing, must be behind an enclosure of at least 60 inches in height
  • The enclosure must be made of one of the following, chain link, wrought iron, brick, welded wire, wood stockade, block or a material approved by Animal Care and Control

Definition of a Dangerous Dog in Fort Worth

A dog in Fort Worth is considered dangerous if it does one of the following:

  • Without being provoked, attacks a person or animal and causes bodily injury in a place other than the enclosure where the dog was being kept
  • Without being provoked, the dog does something outside of its enclosure that leads a person to reasonably believe the dog will attack and cause harm

It is important to note the owner may claim you provoked the dog, as this may allow him or her to avoid being held liable. There are numerous examples of provoking a dog, such as pulling its tail, surprising it while it is asleep or eating, taunting it or throwing things at the dog.

The Fort Worth dog bite lawyers at Anderson Cummings know how to determine if you may have provoked the dog. We also understand how to defend against claims from the other side that you provoked the dog.

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Compensation For Dog Bite Injuries

In many instances, dog bite victims suffer considerable physical and mental scarring which can result in very expensive, time-consuming medical and rehabilitation process. You may require counseling for mental trauma or surgery for injuries, such as:

  • Lacerations
  • Puncture wounds
  • Nerve damage
  • Broken bones

Many victims must take time off work to get the medical help they need, which can lead to mounting bills and other expenses.

At Anderson Cummings, we understand how to evaluate a dog bite injury to determine all the ways it affects your life, including how it may impact your future physical, financial and emotional well-being. If we validate your claim, we are prepared to pursue maximum compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering and permanent disfigurement.

Our legal professionals have a proven history of success and charge no upfront fees to review the details of your claim. There are also no up-front fees if we take on your dog bite case.

Deadline for Pursuing Legal Action

Dog bite victims have to file a claim within two years from the date they were attacked, as set by the Texas personal injury statute of limitations. If you miss that deadline, you may lose any right to pursue compensation for your damages.

There may be exceptions to this standard deadline, such as for minors. However, you should discuss these possible exceptions with a licensed attorney to determine if any apply to your claim. Building a case takes time, so it is important to contact us as soon as possible.

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What to do After a Dog Bite/Attack

Dealing with your injuries is the most important step after being attacked by a dog. If you are bleeding, you can apply pressure to your wound to help stop the bleeding. However, while basic first aid may help in the short-term, you should get to the hospital or to a doctor’s office so your injuries can be properly diagnosed, stabilized and treated. Your injuries could be much worse than you realize, and dogs sometimes carry dangerous infections, like rabies.

Once you receive treatment, you should report the attack to animal control. This creates an official record of the attack and allows the authorities to take proper measures to help protect others in the community from the dog.

When possible, dog attack victims should try to return to the scene to gather evidence. You could also gather evidence right after the attack, although getting to safety and treating your injuries should always be your first priority. Take pictures of the scene and the dog, if possible. Talk to witnesses and take notes on what you remember about the attack.

If you are contacted by insurers, consider referring them to your attorney. If you do talk about the attack, avoid giving too many specifics. You can say where and when it happened and that you are seeking treatment, but you should not attempt to explain exactly what happened. You could say something that is inaccurate without realizing it. This could hurt your claim later, when your lawyer is negotiating for compensation.

If you or a loved one has been bitten by a dog in Tarrant County due to a careless pet owner, whats happened to you is unacceptable. When you’re facing medical bills, lost wages and catastrophic injuries, the Fort Worth dog bite lawyers at Anderson Cummings are ready to stand in your corner.

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