Dog Bite Insurance Claims in 2016 Increased 15 Percent Over 2015

dog behind a fenceLast week was National Dog Bite Prevention Week, a chance to raise awareness about this widespread problem and offer strategies to prevent dog bites and attacks.

Each year, approximately 4.5 million Americans are the victims of a dog bite. More than 50 percent of the victims of these horrifying attacks are children.

Last year, State Farm received 3,660 dog bite injury claims, a 15 percent increase over 2015. The cost of paying these claims was a record $121,705,968.

Unfortunately, dog bite-related insurance claims are on the rise in Texas as well. State Farm reported 168 dog bite claims in 2016, up from 165 in 2015. Despite the increase, Texas fell from third to fifth in the nation for dog bite-related insurance claims.

Dog Attacks on Postal Workers Reach 30-Year High

Dog attacks involving mail carriers have reached the highest level in 30 years, according to the United States Postal Services’ (USPS) annual report on the top cities for dog attacks on postal workers.

There were 6,755 dog bite incidents involving mail carriers last year, an increase of 206 incidents over 2015.

Four Texas cities ranked in the top 20 for most dog attacks against mail carriers. Houston was ranked second with 62 dog attacks against mail workers in 2016. San Antonio ranked 11th with 42 attacks, Dallas was 13th with 41 attacks and Fort Worth was tied for 18th with 33 attacks.

Postal worker dog bites have been a long-running issue, but the problem has become worse as people do more online shopping, increasing the number of home deliveries.

Tips to Prevent Dog Attacks

One of the ways dog owners can help prevent dog attacks is to secure the animal when they are interacting with mail carriers. If your dog is nearby, do not take the mail directly from the mail carrier, as your dog could view the exchange as a threatening gesture.

Another more long-term strategy is to make sure you raise the dog using humane treatment. This means training the dog instead of punishing it. This helps lower the likelihood that your animal will bite or attack someone.

If you sustained an injury due to a dog attack or dog bite, the dog bite attorneys of Anderson Cummings may be able to pursue an insurance or personal injury claim, working to recover all of the compensation you deserve. Our personal injury lawyers in Ft Worth are well-versed in Texas dog bite laws and how to apply them to build a strong case.

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