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Fort Worth Bicycle Accident Lawyers

The number of fatal bicycle accidents in Texas increased by 7 percent between 2010 and 2011. Nationwide more than 110,000 bicyclists are injured each year in motor vehicle accidents.

Bicyclists must obey rules similarly to how drivers must obey rules of the road, when a driver fails to obey such rules or behaves recklessly, a cyclist can be injured in an instant. Facing mounting medical bills, lost wages and rehabilitation treatment can be difficult. If you didn't cause your injury, you shouldn't have to pay, that's what our attorneys truly believe.

Have you been hit and injured by a negligent driver while riding a bicycle?

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Common Causes of Bicycle Accidents

Generally, bicyclists are obligated to follow all the same rules as drivers, which is why many riders will ride in the bike lane rather than on the sidewalk. Although bicyclists may obey all the rules of the road, it is when other drivers fail to that catastrophic accidents occur.

Some common causes of bicycle accidents include:

  • Failing to obey traffic signs and signals
  • Distracted driving
  • Failing to share the road
  • Speeding
  • Tailgating

Bicyclists, however, must also make sure they are riding in the appropriate lane and obey rules such as stopping at red lights and watching for other vehicles. When a rider fails to adhere to these rules they are putting themselves in danger and may even be considered at-fault for a collision.

Pedestrian Injuries

Texas ranks in the top four for pedestrian accidents, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. When you have been injured due to a careless driver, do you know what to do or who to call for help?

Auto Accidents

Every two minutes, someone in Texas is injured in an auto accident. If you or a loved one ever become part of that statistic, you need experienced, aggressive legal representation who can fight for your right to compensated for your injuries.

Bus Accidents

Bus accidents can happen anytime and anywhere. When these types of crashes happen, they often result in multiple injuries due to the number of people involved.

Distracted Driving

Proving that a driver was distracted at the time of an accident can be difficult, which is why you need a lawyer who has the resources and knowledge needed to help strengthen your claim.

How Our Bicycle Accident Lawyers Can Help

When you have suffered a spinal cord injury, brain trauma and other serious injury commonly sustained during a bicycle accident, you need someone who will fight for your right to compensation.

At Anderson Cummings, we have helped many victims and their families deal with the aftermath of a serious bicycle accident. Our lawyers can help you deal with insurance companies and other parties involved so that you can focus on whats important, your recovery.

Although bicycle accidents may seem straightforward, the driver at-fault may try to blame the victim. We will thoroughly investigate your claim and gather the evidence needed to support your claim and help you get the compensation you truly deserve.

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