Avoid Distractions While Driving with Your Pet

dog leaning out of car windowFor many, a pet is as much a part of the family as anyone else born into the family name. So, naturally where we go, they will too. This often includes family road trips and vacations and other smaller, more regular trips in the car.

Unfortunately, when in the car, our four-legged friends can cause numerous distractions and can even increase your risk for being injured in an automotive accident.

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Dangers of Traveling with Your Pet

According to a recent AAA Consumer Pulse survey, 12 percent of motorists have taken a photo of their pet while driving. That distraction can more than double your risk for an accident.

This summer, AAA is encouraging pet owners to strap in their pets to protect both your four-legged friend and everyone else in the car.

Amy Stracke, Executive Director for the Auto Club Group Traffic Safety Foundation, stated that a 10-pound dog in an accident at 30 miles per hour becomes a 300 pound projectile, and an unrestrained 80-pound dog will exert as much as 2,400 pounds of force in the same accident.

This scenario clearly shows that an unrestrained pet can cause serious damage to anyone or anything in its path. Still, the AAA study found that 37 percent of drivers do not restrain their pets while driving.

The survey also showed that 13 percent of drivers admit to becoming distracted by their pet while driving. Forty-two percent will also pet their dog while behind the wheel.

AAA recommends confining your pet to the backseat in either a carrier or a harness attached to a seat-belt. This will help prevent distractions and protect your pet and others in the vehicle.

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