Can You Change Lawyers in the Middle of a Personal Injury Claim in Texas?

change in blocksChoosing an attorney is one of the most important decisions an injury victim needs to make. However, what happens if you realize you made the wrong choice? Can you make a change? Are there downsides to switching attorneys?

If you are not satisfied with your legal representation, a personal injury lawyer in Fort Worth at Anderson & Cummings may be able to help you.

Below, learn more about switching attorneys, including reasons why injury victims do it and what to think about before doing so yourself.

Why People Consider Switching Attorneys

Generally, injury victims who are unhappy with their legal counsel have the same types of complaints:

Poor Communication

Injury claims are complex, which is why injury victims need to know what is going on and they need to get their questions answered.

If your current attorney is not returning your calls, text messages or emails, it may raise concerns about how well a case is being handled and what steps are being taken on your behalf. If your attorney fails to return your calls and do so promptly, you may feel as though your case is not a priority.


Injury victims need to be able to trust that their lawyer has their best interests in mind. If you do not trust your attorney, you may not feel comfortable with how your case is being managed.

Lack of Experience

If you have a complex case, such as one involving multiple parties or a large corporation, you need an attorney with experience managing these types of cases. While many cases settle, you want an attorney who is prepared to go to court and has significant experience doing so. If your attorney does not have enough experience with cases like yours, you may not trust in your attorney’s ability to recover full compensation for your damages.

Missed Deadlines

When an attorney misses a deadline, it becomes difficult to believe the attorney can secure a favorable result.

Your Right to Choose Your Counsel

You have the right to choose the attorney who represents your case. This includes the right to change attorneys in the middle of the process. Even though you signed a contract with one attorney, you can make a change. You just need to provide your current attorney with a written statement terminating their services.

Factors to Consider Before Switching

If you try to fire your current attorney after he or she has filed a lawsuit, there is a chance that the judge assigned to the case may not allow it because it may delay the trial.

Choosing a new attorney could delay the resolution of your case. You should also know you may have to pay your previous attorney a fee for the work he or she did up to the point of termination. Your new attorney can help determine what you may owe the previous attorney for the work he or she completed on your claim.

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