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Can Insurance Companies Be Held Liable for Delaying an Injury Claim?

After being injured in an accident, you expect the insurance company to hold up their end of the deal by honoring your policy in a reasonable manner. However, since most insurers are looking for ways to avoid making large payouts, they will often try… Read More

How Can PIP Coverage Help Me after an Auto Accident?

Drivers who are at-fault for an auto accident in Texas are financially responsible for the damages they cause during an auto accident. However, you can protect yourself further after being injured in an accident caused by another's negligence by purchasing… Read More

9 Myths about Hail Damage Insurance Claims

Hail storms are all too common in Texas, causing hundreds of millions of dollars in damage to cars, homes and other personal property each year. In 2015 alone, hail storms caused $586 million in property damage, as The Lone Star State led the nation… Read More

Working with an Insurance Claims Adjuster After a Car Crash

If you were injured in a car accident, you should report it to your insurance company as soon as possible. Your insurer will assign an insurance adjuster to your claim. This person will ask you for information on all parties involved, the damaged property… Read More

Signs of Insurance Bad Faith

Insurance companies are supposed to act in good faith, including negotiating, investigating and settling claims as part of the “implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing.” This means that the insured and insurer establish a contract that entails… Read More

Majority of Wylie Homes Damaged by Hail

The hailstorm which ripped through Wylie on April 11th damaged nearly 80 percent of homes in the area, leaving approximately 12,000 homes in need of repairs. Hail as big as softballs fell from the sky, crashing through windows and even roofs, leading… Read More

Flooding and Recent Storms Wreck Homes in Texas

Communities throughout Texas have been pounded by catastrophic weather over the last month. Large hail followed by immense flooding has left thousands with devastating damage to their homes, vehicles and property. Hail Damage Damage from hail storms… Read More

Hailstorm Causes $600 Million in Damages

The Insurance Council of Texas, an industry trade group, estimates the damage from last Friday’s severe hailstorm will reach $600 million in auto and property damage claims. If those numbers prove to be correct, Friday’s storm would be the 12th most expensive… Read More