Confidential Takata Airbag Settlements Hide Details

airbag sign on car dashboardJapanese parts manufacturer Takata Corp. reached confidential settlements with at least five plaintiffs alleging injury or death from defective airbags as of Nov. 17.

Unfortunately for future plaintiffs, the confidential nature of these settlements mean that important details will remain sealed from the public. Anyone attempting to build a case against Takata, Honda, or other players in the airbag recall drama will have to proceed without potentially critical information that may have been revealed during these trials.

The quick, secret deals are a cornerstone of many product liability cases in any number of industries. By agreeing to settle but doing so out of the public eye, Takata et al. continue to keep important information not only from future plaintiffs, but from the public.

Sadly, the silence that surrounds these proceedings only adds to the confusion many drivers are feeling while they wonder whether their vehicle is safe to drive. Because almost one dozen auto manufacturers are involved in the Takata recalls, it is difficult to say which vehicles were fitted with Takata’s airbags, or whether those devices were part of the defective group.

Takata is currently under investigation by federal regulators for allegations that it destroyed evidence of airbag failures that underwent secret testing. A spokesperson for the company claims the allegations have no merit.

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