Construction Contributes to Rise in Fort Worth Car Accidents

traffic diversionTraffic accidents in Fort Worth have increased 20 percent this year, thanks in part to heavy construction throughout the area.

According to statistics provided by the Police Department, the traffic-clogged corridor of Interstate 35 West has been home to nine of the city’s top 10 accident locations for the last three years.

Some of the most accident-prone locations within the area include: Basswood Boulevard, Meacham Boulevard and Western Boulevard. Police noted that the numbers of accidents in these locations may be significantly affected by construction.

Through June 20 of this year, there have been a total of 9,862 accidents in Fort Worth, compared to 8,194 during the same time last year. Although less than 10 percent of accidents – 984 accidents – were in construction zones, that is an increase from 762 in 2015 and 463 in 2014.

Leading Causes of Accidents in Construction Zones

The statistics provided to City Council members at the end of end of June identified leading accident locations, causes and the days they occurred between Jan. 1, 2013 and March 3, 2016. Some key takeaways from that data included that:

  • Speeding led to approximately 16,000 accidents
  • Driver distraction contributed to nearly 13,000 accidents
  • Failure to yield was cited in about 6,000 accidents
  • Driving under the influence caused more than 2,000 accidents
  • Friday and Saturday had the highest numbers of accidents during each week

Many construction workers within the area have noted that driver distraction is a significant problem within construction zones. In an effort to make construction areas safer for motorists, many sites have lowered the speed limit to 50 mph, added speed monitors to remind motorists to slow down, and installed signs to warn motorists of where large trucks will be entering and leaving the highway.

Changes in traffic patterns, uneven highways, cones along the roadways and high volumes of traffic are all contributing factors that make construction zones dangerous hazards for motorists.

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