Construction Jobs are Most Dangerous Jobs in America

hard hat construction site signThe U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has released its most recent data on the most dangerous jobs in America, and although nationally job safety has increased, construction work remains one of the riskiest careers for workers.

According to the report, per every 100,000 workers there are 17.7 deaths. On a construction site there are numerous ways to get injured, and the busier the site the more room that exists for harm.

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Depending on the project, a worker may face collapsing trenches, injury from falling objects, and electrocution from bare wire. Further injury can come from improperly secured equipment, defective machines, fires, explosions, forklift accidents, but the BLS says the number one killer of all is still falls from a height.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) cites the fatal four types of construction accidents most likely to result in death of a worker. The administration says that these four accident types account for approximately 17% of worker deaths across all industries.

The fatal four include falls from a height (36.9%); struck by an object (10.3%); electrocutions (8.9%); and being caught in or in between machinery or objects (2.6%).

Other jobs that topped the BLS list for 2014 include roofers, fishermen, power linemen, farmers and ranchers, truck drivers, mining machine operator, sanitation workers and airplane pilots.

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