Deadly Travel This Holiday Weekend

traffic jamTroopers across Texas will be patrolling the highways for drunk drivers over the Fourth of July weekend. Record travel is predicted with over 40 million people set to hit highways, nationwide.

National Safety Council statistics reveal that about 17,000 people are expected to suffer injuries in car wrecks over the holiday weekend. More than 200 fatalities are expected.

If you or somebody close to you is injured over the holiday weekend by the negligence of somebody else, call us, and speak with a member of our accident team.

Sobriety Checkpoints

About 40 percent of all traffic accidents will involve a drunk driver. Increased enforcement will include sobriety checkpoints and patrols in unmarked vehicles.

While being fully conscious of holiday traffic dangers and prevention, you can still be the victim of the negligence of a careless driver. If that happens, and you and someone in your vehicle are injured, call 911 right away, and get immediate medical attention. Then contact us.

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Free Case Evaluation

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