Fiery Semi-Truck Accident Kills Four

burning truckA fiery accident early Monday morning between a semi-truck and another vehicle left four dead, including two adults, one of whom was pregnant, and two children. The accident occurred around 6:35 a.m. on an exit ramp on Interstate 20.

According to the Dallas Sheriffs Office, a passenger vehicle and an 18-wheeler were traveling to the southbound Interstate 35E ramp on westbound Interstate 20. While traveling on the three-level interchange connecting the two highway systems, the vehicles collided and erupted in flames.

The exact cause of the crash is still under investigation, but the two vehicles became entangled and the collision caused the semi-trucks gas tank to catch fire. It remains unclear if the vehicle perhaps stalled on the ramp or if the truck experienced mechanical issues.

Firefighters responding to the scene struggled to contain the dangerous situation. The semi-truck was hauling lumber, which immediately caught fire during the accident. Much of the lumber also fell about 70 feet to the ground below, creating two fires that firefighters had to contain.

All of the deceased victims were traveling in the passenger vehicle and were killed when the vehicles struck and caught fire. The driver of the semi-truck was uninjured.

The victims in the passenger vehicle have not yet been identified, as the bodies faced severe burns. Identification could take a week to complete.

Drivers in the area became frustrated with the situation as they were stuck in traffic until late afternoon. All of the bridges were shut down as crews cleaned up the debris from the accident and inspected the bridges for damage from the fire.

The driver of the semi-truck has not faced charges. The Dallas Morning News reported that the driver is an employee of AG Transport Inc., which has a history of inspection and vehicle maintenance violations.

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